Original Japanese Name ブジェイアー
Frame Type Orbital Frame
Runner Ares Enduwa (first runner)
Deckson Geyse (24-scene path)
Twede Grey
Nadia Candido (if recruited)
Weapons Claw Knives, Beam Web
Sub-Weapons Bloodsucker, Reticulator, Geyser, Tri-Laser

Vjaya is usable Orbital Frame in the Zone of the Enders: The Fist of Mars. It is first piloted by Ares Enduwa. After Ares's kidnapping and subsequent betrayal, it can be piloted Nadia Candido if she is recruited or Twede Grey if she is not. In the 24-scene path, it is piloted by Deckson Geyse until his death, after which its control switches over to Nadia or Twede.

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