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Viola Gyune
Original Japanese Name ベイオラー・ギユネー
Age 20s-30s
Gender Female
Family Deceased parents
Affiliation BAHRAM
Occupation BAHRAM Officer
Frame Neith
Current Status Deceased
Love Interest Radium Lavans
Voice Actor Jean Mazzei (ZOE)
Dara Hurt (ZOE: 2167 IDOLO)
Seiyuu Chiharu Tezuka
Appearances Zone of the Enders

Viola Gyune is a veteran runner serving under BAHRAM who pilots the Orbital Frame Neith.


Viola's dedication to BAHRAM and the Martian cause is strong, as she lies about her illness in order to be enlisted as a soldier. The death of her family and friends at the hands of the UNSF force her to dedicate herself to the military cause, and after Dr. Links finds out about her illness, she begs her not to discharge her from the military.

After Radium's death, Viola lost her reason to live and wanted to die as a soldier on the battlefield, but could not find an opponent that was strong enough.


Zone of the Enders: 2167 IDOLOEdit

Viola is shown piloting an LEV along with Radium in a training simulation. She briefly comments on Radium's reckless tactics before docking the LEV. Later, after witnessing one of her comrades being casually attacked by a UNSF soldier, Viola receives word that she is transferred to test-pilot the Orbital Frame.

When it comes to her turn to pilot Idolo, however, Viola is denied access to controls and even injured by one of Idolo's sparks, as it has bonded to Radium from his training.

Zone of the EndersEdit

She fought against Leo Stenbuck with Neith and by the end of the game, her Orbital Frame is damaged badly and propelled into Jupiter's magnetic storm. She threatens Leo that if he saved her she would kill his loved ones. She dies after her frame disintegrates into Jupiter's atmosphere.


In Zone of the Enders: Dolores,i, Viola appears in Radium's delusion as he fights with James Links and Dolores. Radium, rather than to hear her out, assumes that she had arrived to interfere in his wedding with Dolores Hayes, and materializes an energy gun on his right arm and shoots her through the chest. Viola is revealed to correspond to Rebecca Hunter in reality, who takes the damage that Hathor dishes out. Later, as Dolores attempts to pull the Earth Orbital Elevator to the moon, Viola appears in Radium's dream as he docks his Orbital Frame and helps the child Dolores reach her balloon, corresponding to his assisting her Metatron energy output with his own Orbital Frame and Raptors. Viola smiles at Radium's action in the dream.

In Zone of the Enders: The 2nd Runner, Viola is revived twice by Nohman as a battle A.I for Nephtis. The A.I. differs markedly from the original, seeking revenge against Jehuty for defeating it in its prior life.


  • Viola's obsession with defeating Leo in the first game can be compared to Char Aznable's rivalry with boy pilot Amuro Ray in Mobile Suit Gundam. Notably, like Char's frames, Viola's Neith is also red in color.
  • Viola and her presumably metatron-powered A.I. die after Radium and his metatron-enhanced resurrected form do respectively.[1]


  1. When it faces deletion by A.D.A., the A.I. is shown with blackened "deleted" portions, with some green lines flowing through them.

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