Twede Grey
Original Japanese Name トウェッド・グレイ
Age 30s[1]
Gender Male
Affiliation NUT (former)
Occupation NUT Spy (former)
BIS Frame Runner
Frame Saoshyant
Vjaya (25-scene path, 24-scene path if Nadia is not recruited)
Current Status Active
Love Interest Robin O'Connell
Appearances Zone of the Enders: The Fist of Mars

Twede Grey is Robin O'Connell's secretary, but maintains ties to Nereidum Universal Technology. He frequently makes sudden and unexpected appearances in Zone of the Enders: The Fist of Mars.

Appearance and PersonalityEdit

Twede is dressed in a suit befitting a secret agent, with sunglasses and black to match.

Twede often thinks ahead and concocts well-formulated plans before the rest of BIS manage to figure them out. However, Twede's true loyalty lies with Robin, whom he was hired to look over and whose safety he prioritizes above all else. In the 24-scene path, this is shown to extend to the other members of BIS as well, when Twede collaborates with Warren to drug the rest of BIS to sleep so that they could escape the region before the UNSF missile can hit the Saoshyant without any disagreements. Due to these overprotective actions, Twede often finds himself at the receiving end of Robin's ire or some unmentioned punishment. Others observing Twede have hinted that he holds romantic feelings for Robin as well.



At some point, Twede was directed by NUT to oversee Robin's actions while acting as her secretary.


For most of his appearances, Twede advises Robin to take the course of action that would benefit her and NUT the most, but does not take action himself to make sure that Robin carries out that course of action.


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