Original Japanese Name テスタメント
Frame Type Orbital Frame
Artificial Intelligence Pharsti
Runner Cage Midwell
Weapons Lance, Sword
Sub-Weapons Tear Bullet, Tear Blast, Rusty Lancer, Rusty Cutter, Soulshooter, Soulsection, Ray Disaster, Nail Laser, Halberd, Comet, Shock Hi-Low
Appearances Zone of the Enders: The Fist of Mars

Testament is an Orbital Frame piloted by Cage Midwell in Zone of the Enders: The Fist of Mars.



LEV form

When it is shown as an unnamed LEV, Testament boasts weaker attacks and a Soulshooter attack that requires twice as much Spirit to execute. It also has bulkier armor and uses an arkjet engine commonly found in LEV's. When it switches to Orbital Frame mode, however, Testament loses most of its armor and switches its engine to the anti-proton reactor commonly found in Orbital Frames.[1] Afterwards, its attacks are seen to be stronger, and the Soulshooter attack requires less Spirit to execute and deals more damage.

Later in the game, Testament undergoes evolution in its right arm, which transforms from the initial gun-like shape to a doubled-edged sword which can fire beams from the gap between the blades.  This replaces its original Rusty Lancer with Rusty Cutter, identical to Iblis, and similarly upgrades Tear Bullet and Soulshooter into the more powerful Tear Blast and Soulsection, while Ray Disaster's attack animation changes to match its new form.


Secretly tested and built by Dezeele Zephyrs, he and his crew refer to it as the "New Model Animus." "Animus" is Latin for "soul", and at the time, simply referred to the general model that Zephyrs had planned on mass-producing.

Pharsti decides to name the Orbital Frame "Testament", after her agreement to stand by Cage regardless of other circumstances.


  • Testament and Iblis are aguagly the only Orbital Frames created on Earth centered on the basis of the Idolo Standard Type.


  1. Zone of the Enders: The Fist of Mars Scene 5

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