Frame Type Mass-Produced Walking Tank
Artificial Intelligence Artificial intelligence
Weapons Laser Cannon
Sub-Weapons None
Appearances Zone of the Enders: The 2nd Runner

The Spider is BAHRAM's Mainline Walking Battle Tank. Fairly agile for ground-pounders, Spiders can use their three legs to launch itself into the air and grab Jehuty. They also have a single rapid-fire laser cannon which will be slightly dangerous to Jehuty, and, depending on the difficulty, can destroy Jehuty in a matter of seconds. The Spider, like many other enemies, has a powerful defense shield that can repel Jehuty's blade.

Even with these abilities, the Spider is not a large threat to Jehuty due its lack of speed and lower agility than Orbital Frames. However, Spiders have been used to effectively demolish small cities. In The 2nd Runner, Spiders were deployed in the attack on Vascilia City.

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