Original Japanese Name Selkis
Frame Type Orbital Frame
Artificial Intelligence ???
Runner Nohman (former)
Rebecca Hunter
Weapons Laser Cannon, Scorpion Mode''
Sub-Weapons Homing Missile

Selkis is a large Orbital Frame that was piloted by Nohman before he acquired Anubis.


Selkis has the ability to transform into a different formation to better suit battle conditions. It is also armed with homing missiles. But even with these abilities, Selkis, like many other frames, is no match for Anubis.



Selkis in its scorpion form.

In Zone of the Enders, Selkis is only mentioned by name. Nohman offers it to Viola, to which she declined, choosing to stick with Neith.

In Dolores,i, Rebecca Hunter uses Selkis after activating the self-destruct on her AlterNeith.[1]



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