Pandora Frettum is the Martian sphere where Semyl Shambrow's orphange is located. The sphere is located in the Hellespontos county.


The sphere is raided by Ned Noachim in his attempt to frame BIS, and he kidnaps the orphans and places them inside unmanned LEV's in order to prevent BIS from attacking and make them look completely unsympathetic to the eyes of the population, making them easy to oppress. Explosives set to detonate if Ned is attacked are also placed in the orphanage, but are eventually defused by Ares Enduwa.

Known OrphansEdit

  • Jordy Jones: Frequently called by her nickname "Jojo", she is an 11 year-old girl with long, brown hair. She looks up to Semyl as a big sister and is outgoing and free of issues. Due to Cage Midwell saving her from Ned Noachim's automated LEV, she wants to marry him when he grows up, a statement shown to slightly bother Myona Alderan.[1][2] In the bad ending, Jojo and her friends are seen aboard the Saoshyant, where Jojo tells Myona that she met the other victims of Dezeele Zephyrs's experiments in her dream, and adds that the orphans told her that Ares and Myona could be free from their quest for vengeance.[3]
  • Pauly McLaud: a timid-looking, freckled 10 year-old boy with strawberry-blonde hair. He is well-behaved and polite, though does not handle danger as well as his friends, as he is shown to have fainted with his eyes open when he was kidnapped by one of Ned's Raptors. He is also religious and always carries his crucifix.[2]
  • Gilbert Kelly: a 12 year-old boy with a scar on his face and a tough exterior. He is playful, but shy, and has a little crush on Semyl partially because he is going through an awkward preteen stage. He dislikes all males that make passes at her, though much of his dislike is based off of unfounded jealousy, as he even suspected that Cage would make passes at Semyl despite a complete lack of romantic interaction between the two.[2]
  • Semyl Shambrow: left the orphanage and joined BIS at some point prior to Cage's arrival.


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