Nikolai is a fictional character from ZOE-Dolores,i. He was formerly a member of the  Yans.

Early DaysEdit

Not much is known about Nokolai's early days. It is known that he had a brother that admires everything he does. Being a Martian, he joined the BAHRAM along with his brother. He was later assigned to the The Yans operative taskforce and most probabaly, along with his brother were remodified into cyborgs and dressed to look like the rest of The Yans.

First AppearenceEdit

Nikolai and his brother was assigned to recapture ISIS, which along with the Links Family was hiding at the abadoned Military Satellite Kudushu. At first Nikolai had the upperhand, until Dolores went beserk and activated the brutal ISIS side of her personality. Chaos occured when James fired the Particle cannon of ISIS at a carton of beer. The liquid beer ended up as a smokescreen.

Seeing a silhouette and presuming it to be ISIS, Nikolai slashed at it, only to find out it belonged to his brother. He was deeply shocked of his actions. He vowed to avenge his brother.

Leaving the YansEdit

When Nikolai found out that the operation to recapture ISIS is no longer that important he flew into a rage and had an arguement with the older leader of the Yans. He was really upset when the older Yan leader told him personally that ISIS is no longer the priority personally. Nikolai whipped up a hand gun and tried to shoot himself in the head.

Instead of meeting his brother, maybe due to the metal skeletal frame that is reinforced in him, the bullet just simply bounce of his head and left a small wound. The older Yan Leader tried to capture him but Nikolai let of a smoke screen and escaped.

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