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Original Japanese Name Nerokerubina
Frame Type Orbital Frame
Runner Myona Alderan
Weapons Two Horns
Sub-Weapons Punisher, Guilty Charge, Marleblank Beam
Appearances The Fist of Mars

Nerokerubina is a large Orbital Frame featured in Zone of the Enders: The Fist of Mars. It has powerful long and short range attacks and is capable of producing a Marleblank Beam due to Mindflow. However, its speed is limited to three squares. Depending upon how the player plays, he or she may actually be able to pilot one.

Amante Furlair mentions that Nerokerubina is based on another older model, meaning that the two largest enemy frames in the game are both plagiarized (the large LEV HarutMarut is based off Tempest). It is shown from comparing the OF with other OF's featured in Zone of the Enders that the Nerokerubina is based on Tyrant.

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