(58) Zone of the Enders - Mummyhead
Original Japanese Name マミーヘッド
Frame Type Orbital Frame
Artificial Intelligence Artificial intelligence
Runner Artificial intelligence
The Yans (manned variety)
Weapons None
Sub-Weapons Phalanx, Comet, Halberd, Mummy
Appearances Zone of the Enders, ZOE: The Fist of Mars, ZOE: The 2nd Runner, ZOE: Dolores,i

A Mummyhead is an unmanned Orbital Frame that appears as a basic opponent throughout the series. Manned Mummyheads appear in Zone of the Enders: Dolores,i, however.


Mummyheads are identical to Raptors in design, but possess different weaponry. The most notable difference is the addition of the large, protective Mummy shield, which is attached to their backs and protects their frontal side. Attached to the top corner sides are a pair of Phalanx cannons. Alternatively, they can switch to the Halberd weapon, shooting out a pair of consistent energy beams similar to a lightsaber, making them difficult to approach at close range. Their Burst attack consists of the Comet which fires of slow, homing, but devastating energy blasts. Their Guard function is also shown to be impregnable, as not even a Burst shot can break through its shield

It also has the ability to repair damaged fellow Orbital Frames. Unless destroyed with massive damage, only the shield is destroyed and a Raptor appears.


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