Kiss Me Sunlights is vocal OST play during the opening sequence of the first Zone of the Enders.

The lyrics of the official English versionEdit

Beautiful dream, to la la. So easy. (So easy.)

Streams of this night, to la la. All misty. (All misty.)

(Ah~ Ah~ Ah)

Full Smile, in this world, to come.

You've got to stand up. Find your (?), the supreme.

Fantaria, tempesta, It's my odyssey. Go higher and wonder heart of labyrinth. Until I feel new dawn bloom on the silent sea. (Silent sea.)

Sing, for me, your song.

Angel heart. So many heart. Kiss me Sunlight. (Lia-a~) Fly to the dark, Set soul free, Hold me moonshine. (Mo-o-on light.) Until my rumbled hand leads to the end of night. (End of night.)

Find me in your eyes. (Find me.) (Find me.)

Air l'armour. (Find me.)

Air l'armour.

Air l'armour...

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