Idolo was the first Orbital Frame built in the series. On its forehead, the words SYSTEM PROTOTYPE are inscripted, stating that it is the first and a prototype of all Orbital Frames.


Idolo possesses a structure build identical to that of Jehuty, albeit more fractured in appearance; armor plated on top of a black body in comparison to Jehuty's more solid armor. It's mainly white in color with black accents. Its wings and thigh thrusts are made of a crystallized, pure Metatron Ore. Its weapons are also very similar to Jehuty's as well, having been the prototype of all Orbital Frames. It bears an arm blade, claw laser missiles, a shield and a burst shot. Its subweapons are a pair of Halberd weapons stored away in vector traps.

Idolo possesses incredible power, surpassing that of any LEV. However, there are problems with Idolo that become pronounced all too soon, mainly regarding the pilot. Due to numerous tests, Radium's body mass was bonded with Idolo and as such, only Radium can pilot the Frame. Viola was outright rejected by Idolo to pilot it and UNSF spy Barrows is killed after attempting to steal it away. Worse, the Metatron responds to Radium's will, introducing insanity into his psyche and illusions that he is Idolo and bathes in the Orbital Frame's power. This is further shown when he beats an Earther to an inch of his life, in a similar nature to Anubis and Nohman.

During the Deimos Incident, Radium's fiancee, Dolores, is killed by gunshot. Idolo responds to Radium's grievance and projects a hallucination of Dolores to keep the pilot pacified as it begins operating on its own to fight to the death against squadrons of LEV's. It loses its wings and an arm. When Viola attempts to reach out and communicate with Radium, Idolo (posing as Dolores) attempts to kill her but is shot down mercilessly and is destroyed.

Later, the wreckage of Idolo is used to build the Orbital Frames Isis and Hathor.