Original Japanese Name ハーラットマーラット
Frame Type LEV
Artificial Intelligence Ned Noachim (24-scene path, first match)
Runner Dezeele Zephyrs
Ares Enduwa (24-scene path)
Weapons Incendiary Projectile Cannons
Sub-Weapons Laser Cannons
Appearances Zone of the Enders: The Fist of Mars

HarutMarut is a large LEV that bears a resemblance to Tempest. Despite the game classifying it as an LEV and the characters in the game referencing it as an LEV, HarutMarut can hover like an Orbital Frame. It is revealed from Dezeele Zephyrs's conversation with General Jaeger that the design for HarutMarut was plagiarized off of the frame it resembles.

HarutMarut has a heavily armored outer shell which must be destroyed before real damage can be done to the interior. After the first battle with HarutMarut, it no longer has this shell, presumably because it has not been repaired. The battle with HarutMarut is similar to Jehuty's battle with Tempest, with the shell being removed after accumulating enough damage. The shell is never repaired after HarutMarut's later appearances.

HarutMarut is equipped with control systems for the IDO Mindflow Technology, as it is shown remotely controlling other Nerokerubina in other missions.

In the 24-scene path, HarutMarut is upgraded to HarutMarut II, boasting greater stamina and stronger weapons. However, due to Ares Enduwa's interference, HarutMarut II lacks self-regenerative capabilities, but is still capable of regenerating from the energies of other Orbital Frames, such as Ifrit.


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