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Original Japanese Name ガフィッケイン
Frame Type Orbital Frame
Runner Phil (good ending path)
A.I. (good ending path)
Bolozof Velasgo (bad ending path)
Weapons Gillius
Sub-Weapons Ranged attack
Appearances The Fist of Mars

Grafficane is a Humanoid Orbital Frame that appears as a boss in The Fist of Mars. In the good ending path, is piloted by Phil, and an unmanned variant appears as a regular enemy. In the bad ending path, it is piloted by Bolozof Velasgo, and serves as a boss enemy in some stages.

The upper half of Grafficane is modeled after a praying mantis. It attacks with 'gillius', sharp blades which attempt to tear the target in half at the waist. It also has a ranged attack, but this is rarely used given that the melee attack is stronger and Grafficane can move further than the attack's range.

Scarmiglione appears as a palette-swap of this Frame, but has different attacks.

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