Original Japanese Name エンダー
Frame Type Cargo Transport
Artificial Intelligence Dolores A.I. (post-EOE assault)
Runner James Links
Weapons none
Sub-Weapons none
Appearances Zone of the Enders: Dolores,i

The Ender (UNEGE-1125) is James Links's space transportation ship used for his trucker duties. Initially, it is a small trucker that is only capable of carrying two cargo-holding compartments. Prior to the Antilia Raid, it is mostly used to house James and his children Leon and Noel, as well as the Orbital Frame Dolores. The Ender is abandoned in a space dump when James and family prepare to crash land into the oceans of Mars, but is salvaged to transport them back to the Earth Orbital Elevator in order to stop Radium Lavans's assault.

After the events of the assault, the Ender is shown to have been rebuilt with the upper half of Dolores's head attached to its helm. It has also been lengthened significantly and is capable of carrying several cargo compartments along its length.

Not to be confused with the derogatory term often associated with those who lived apart from Earth.


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