(62) Zone of the Enders Dolores, i
Original Japanese Name ドロレス (originally イシス)
Frame Type Orbital Frame
Artificial Intelligence Dolores A.I.
Runner James Links
Weapons Dual Sword Arms
Sub-Weapons Arm Cannon, Burst Ball, Particle Cannon, Raptor Control System, Vector Trap, additional grenades and bombs stashed in Vector Trap, Zero Shift

Isis (a.k.a. Dolores) is the one of the two Orbital Frames built from the wreckage of Idolo. Unlike other Orbital Frames, Dolores' frame and A.I. are essentially one and the same. Rather than seeing herself as the A.I. of the Orbital Frame, Dolores's A.I. sees the Frame as her own body. She is capable of moving and fighting without a runner, and expresses contact with her shell as a human would treat skin contact: bullets sting her hand even though they are unable to penetrate the armor, and she has noted that targeting lasers tickle. Due to this connection, the times she is referred to by the name of her frame rather than her AI's name are almost non-existent, and eventually the name Isis is scrubbed from her head plate and replaced with the name Dolores.

At the start of the series Dolores is portrayed as rather shy, child-like, and innocent which sometimes puts her in comical situations with other humans (such as calling James 'Sir Uncle' in the English dub) but at odds when on the battlefield, especially when up against a particularly powerful enemy. When stressed out, she shifts into her true form, referred to as Isis, where she adapts a personality not unlike the A.I.s of other Orbital Frames. Her durability is also immense, as she has been shown to crash into a sea at extreme speeds and cause a large tidal wave that flooded the city near the Earth Orbital Elevator, only to rise back up and fly up along the shaft of the Elevator without any signs of damage whatsoever. Appropriately considering her connection to her predecessor she is an Idolo Standard Type and her arsenal is a similar to that of Jehuty, possessing an arm cannon, energy missiles and blade weapons. However, she is unique in that her arms transform into said weapons as opposed to the retracting mechanism seen in similar frames. As Isis, she can transform both arms for dual-bladed combat. Like her sister Hathor she is capable of activating Zero Shift, though she lacks the required software and only pulls off a stationary shift in the final episode.


Isis with particle cannon activated.


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