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Deimos is one of Mars' moons and a setting for many events in Zone of the Enders: 2167 IDOLO and Zone of the Enders: Dolores,i.


Deimos contains a space station that runs an Urenbeck Catapult. It is independently run, but is temporarily occupied by the UNSF.


In 2167, the Deimos Incident takes place, resulting in a loss of several LEV's and the Orbital Frame Idolo. Idolo's parts would later be salvaged to make other Orbital Frames.

In 2172, Deimos is occupied by the UNSF as they continue their inspections on Mars for traces of Orbital Frame technological development. However, a group of BAHRAM soldiers lead by Radium Lavans pilot Abu Simbel into the Urenbeck Catapult, and subsequently launch it on a trajectory towards Earth to topple the Earth Orbital Elevator. The Links family attempt to stop him by catching up via the Ender.

In 2173, the members of BIS bid farewell to Cage Midwell and Myona Alderan as they board a ship aboard Deimos Station for a vacation.


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