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(57) Zone of the Enders - Cyclops
Original Japanese Name サイクロプス
Frame Type Orbital Frame
Runner A.I.
Weapons Dash Punch
Sub-Weapons Gauntlet
Appearances Zone of the Enders, ZOE: The Fist of Mars, ZOE: The 2nd Runner, ZOE: Dolores,i

A Cyclops is a basic unmanned Orbital Frame that appears as a regular opponent throughout the series.


The Cyclops is identical to Raptors in design, but has added armor plating to their spine and arms. The 'swords' are replaced by a pair of 'Gauntlet' weapons; super-heated pile bunkers. Thus, Cyclops attack with mighty jab attacks. Unlike its siblings, the Gauntlet is the Cyclops only subweapon.

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