Callisto is one of Jupiter's moons and a primary site of Metatron and ice mining. It is covered with thick layers of ice and filled with ice canyons.



In 2040, an unmanned space probe discovers a mysterious flat land on the moon. In 2067, Metatron is first discovered on the moon by a manned space probe.[1]

Around 2168, Dingo Egret hides out on Callisto as an ice miner after Nohman leaks his crew's position to the UNSF.

The 2nd RunnerEdit

The first part of the game takes place on Callisto, where Dingo pilots MR1422 and guides it to Jehuty. After doing so, Dingo frees Jehuty and battles a few of BAHRAM's forces before entering the battleship itself and being carried away from Callisto.



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