Bizac S (バイザックS Baizakku Esu) is an advanced model of LEV developed by Dezeele Zephyrs for Bolozof Velasgo. It appears as a boss in Zone of the Enders: The Fist of Mars.

Bizac S is piloted by Bolozof. It is stronger than Bizac, but Bizac is described as having a 'reinforced thruster unit'. Despite that, Bizac S appears to move at the same speed as Bizac.

Testament was intended to be Bolozof's next frame, but Bolozof never receives it. If the player takes the 24-story path, Bolozof instead receives Ifrit, an updated, mass-produced version of Testament.


Move: 5

Shell: 500

Move Type: Land

Name: Bizac S

HP: 4500

EN: 130

Drops $1500 when destroyed.

Weapon Power Range Hit Type Can Stun? Spirit Ammo UsedEN Note
Laser Blade Icon-Arrow 1050 1 (+10) Fighter No 0 0 2
Beam Gun 1050 2-5 (-5) Shooter No 0 0 10
Lunatic Sin Icon-Arrow 1450 1 0 Fighter No 10 0 20