BAHRAM (called Bufram in the OVA and Anime), also referred to as the BAHRAM army, is an illegitimate anti-terrestrial military organization. It is notable for featuring the main antagonists of the Zone of the Enders series.

Based in Mars' Vascilia County, BAHRAM is closely allied with the Martian weapons development company Nereidum Universal Technology, with whom it developed the Orbital Frame. Oddly, according to Lance Jimmer, BAHRAM, despite its military purposes, also has a geriatrics club.[2]


BAHRAM seeks the freedom and independence of Mars. However, Ken Marinaris notes that BAHRAM's true intent is dominance rather than liberation, which becomes more pronounced as Nohman tightens his hold on the organization. Because of this, their followers are often amoral and do not hesitate to cause civilian casualties if it means the defeat of the Earth Forces.


Zone of the Enders: 2167 IDOLOEdit

BAHRAM is introduced as a semi-independent UNSF militia division that was tasked to defend Mars. However, at the height of Earth-Mars tensions, BAHRAM was forced to disarm and turn over its equipment to other units arriving from Earth. With only a few personnel left, the unit was forced to partner with NUT to research and deploy the first combat-ready Orbital Frame, Idolo. With the new Frame, idealistic BAHRAM personel hoped that it could be used as a bargaining chip in Martian independence. However, the UNSF's attempt to disband BAHRAM and take control of Idolo turned into a deadly mutiny, and the Deimos Incident would be the trigger for hostilities between Earth and Mars. 

Zone of the EndersEdit

When the UNSF took control of BAHRAM facilities on Antilia , a colony orbiting Jupiter, and confiscated the Orbital Frames Jehuty and Anubis, BAHRAM launced a vicious counterattack, with a massive amount of unmanned frames and its members Nohman, Viola, Axe, Slash and Nightraid in high-end Orbital Frames. Even though they easily brushed aside the UNSF garrison and recaputured Anubis, the actions of civilan Leo Stenbuck and the crew of the Atlantis kept Jehuty out of BAHRAM's reach and annilated the attack force. Of the BAHRAM personnel that attacked the colony, only Nohman is known to have survived, with Viola killed and Axe, Slash, and Nightraid MIA. The fact that BAHRAM was happy to attack neutral civilans and rescue workers, even with the elimination of the UNSF military prescence, caused public opinion to turn against them, and the loss of experienced pilots (even though Nohman was happy to see them gone) caused a major personel crunch. 

Zone of the Enders: Dolores,iEdit

While the victory at Antillia might have allowed BAHRAM some breathing room, the issue of how to sustain their operations against UNSF escalation arose, and with the loss of the Antillia attack force and public opinion turning against them due to the callousness of the raid, personel shortages became apparent. General Rutger Tyusha decided to use the morale from the attack to launch an ambitious assault; taking control of the Earth Orbital Elevator.  Radium Levans, who had survived the Deimos Incident, launced an even more radical plan behind Tyusha's back; toppling the Earth Orbital Elevator and causing a disaster of untold proportions. However, when moderate BAHRAM brass back on Mars realized that Earth's destruction would also cause epic economic issues on Mars, they called a truce with the UNSF to assist a small party led by James Links to intercept Levans. The resulting battle saw Levans's  BAHRAM squadron suffer major casualties and a huge defeat. 

Zone of the Enders: The Fist of MarsEdit

After Dezeele Zephyrs is defeated by BIS, BAHRAM begins to act and becomes the main source of opposition to the vigilante group. In the good story path, while Ares Enduwa is shown running Iblis, BAHRAM denies any affiliation with the Frame.

Zone of the Enders: The 2nd RunnerEdit

Despite the debacle that resulted from Radium Levans's ill-fated Earth Orbital Elevator attack, Nohman's goals became realized; with his human opponents eliminated, he could rally his pet psychopaths and launch a new offensive backed by a new generation of unmanned Frames. Despite stubborn UNSF resistance, BAHRAM eventually routed the UNSF and took control of Mars's strategic infrastructure. However, Nohman's backstabbing would lead to his downfall; mutineering BAHRAM soldier Ken Marinaris would call on the disgruntled BAHRAM Runner, Dingo Egret, to use Jehuty, in a counterattack to destroy Aumaan. Despite Nohman calling Marinaris's mutiny, the damage was done. BAHRAM is defeated when Dingo Egret killed Nohman in the core of the military fortress Aumaan, and its destruction would lead to BAHRAM scattering as UNSF reinforcements from Earth arrived.


  • The organization's name "BAHRAM" appears to be based off of the Persian language name for Mars.[3] "Bahram" as a name can mean "smiting of resistance" or "victorious" in the same language.[4]
  • BAHRAM's symbol bears resemblance to the symbol of the Principality of Zeon in the Mobile Suit Gundam series, of which Zone of the Enders is partially based.


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