Abu Simbel
Abu Simbel sketch
Original Japanese Name アブー・シンベル
Frame Type Carrier/Interplanetary Transport
Runner The Yans
Weapons Vector Trap, Raptors, Self-destruct
Sub-Weapons None
Appearances Zone of the Enders: Dolores,i

Abu Simbel is the BAHRAM carrier primarily used in the invasion of the Earth Orbital Elevator. It boasts an immense size, capable of storing tens to hundreds of Raptors as well as Hathor, Selkis, and two AlterNeith's. As the carrier was built for space travel, chairs are present on both the "ceiling" and the "floor" of the ship.


Radium Lavans, Rebecca Hunter, Axel, Rully, and some Yans sit in the carrier as they travel to Earth for their attack. The carrier first jams itself into Deimos's Urenbeck Catapult and then uses it to propel itself to travel to Earth over a course of seventeen days.

By the end of those seventeen days, when Abu Simbel arrives at Earth, it makes primary use of thrusters in order to brake close enough to the Earth Orbital Elevator. It brakes through the mass catcher designed to catch it, as well as two more lines of defense involving rail guns on the moon and other LEV's. Ultimately, it makes use of its own Vector Trap and Earth's orbit to swing itself to a point close enough to the Elevator, upon which it begins to release its Raptors.

James Links orders the LEV's to attack Abu Simbel in an effort to stop Hathor before Radium could unleash it. However, Radium had already piloted Hathor to Anchor Station of the Elevator and only a single Yan is left on board. The Yan tells Earth's LEV's to "go to hell" before detonating the ship and killing the LEV's nearby.


Abu Simbel is named after the two rock temples in Nubia, Southern Egypt.


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